New year, new garden journey!

Since my last post (six months ago, whoops), Tim and I have moved house. And the best bit? The garden!! It was definitely on my list of must haves for our new place. Although I have to admit that I didn’t actually realise it had a proper vege patch until the day we moved in, when Jess discovered it underneath knee-high weeds! I thought it was an extension of the lawn, but thankfully not. So we have a little patch of lawn, a vege patch (about 2mx1m roughly) and a smaller patch by the door with a dis-used pond which I have dubbed the herb garden. The back lawn is also totally out of control, with mostly weeds and horrible lumpy grass gone to seed.

So we have been in the house 2 months now (moved in 1 Nov) and SO MUCH has happened in the garden. While we are renting, our lease says we are responsible for maintaining the gardens. Clearly the last tenants did not do this! There has been a heap of work getting it to the place it is now, with lots more work to go particularly for the lawn.


First I had to prep the garden bed. I had to clear the weeds, clear random rocks and rubbish from the soil, aerate and break up lumps in the soil (it was very compacted and almost a bit mouldy in places, weird).  Then I planted out the sage (after a good prune), the thyme (which has gotten huge), and the rosemary bush. I put pea straw mulch all over the garden to help with weeds and water retention for the hot summer days. Then I decided to get some marigolds, sweet alyssum, strawberry and parsley to plant as well. Sadly most of the parsley didn’t last the first hot day but three of the little plants did (next time I’m told I should plant them in clumps). Finally, I put a bamboo border on to stop people trampling on the garden bed.

Here is the herb garden progress

Not quite an original before photo, but after the first big weeding session when the weeds grew back!



Then during the second big weeding session:



After first plants:

20131225_175632 20131225_175600

And finally, after border and other plants put in:

20131230_201657 20131230_201703 20131230_201728

Here you can see the strawberry planted in between some rocks in the water feature, hopefully this works! The other plant is a diachondra ground cover.



I don’t have as many photos of the vege patch and lawn, but I have planted two tomato plants, a punnet of rainbow beetroot seedlings, five zucchini plants, five eggplant bushes (from seedlings) and a rhubarb cutting from Tim’s grandma. I also have leeks still to plant out, and iceberg lettuce which I have grown from seed. I also created a makeshift compost heap using chicken wire and stakes, and am in the process of digging up the horrible weeds and grasses in order to re-sow it.

Fixing the soil – adding compost, levelling, breaking up clumps

20131125_192116Planting the tomatoes out first:
20131214_125315  Pea straw, rhubarb, tomatoes

20131225_175644  Tomatoes settling in well20131225_175659 Beetroot, eggplant, rhubarb, zucchini20131230_201755  20131230_201827 20131230_201835


Here is the lawn before

20131125_192307and after (from the other side)

20131230_201748Compost heap:

20131230_201800Other photos around the yard: fig not happy to start with but after some settling in and fertiliser, now has 9 huge figs. Frank the lemon has blossomed, literally and figuratively, and there are lots of little lemons growing. Poppy grown from seed doing pretty well, lettuce getting bigger every day. I also PH tested the soil and its neutral meaning I don’t have to added lime or anything into it. I did add some organic compost though.

20131225_175617 20131230_201930 20131230_20192420131225_175607 20131125_192142 20131125_192017

Hopefully my next post will be around the end of Jan and will be a TABLE related post! My goal is to have the table built on Australia day. Why not! Here is a selection of table shots to date – cleaning the wood, sanding the wood (using all possible safety gear available), and getting a new power drill for Christmas!!  These photos show the difference between the wood before it was cleaned and after, and the difference sanding makes too. All I really have to do now is finish sanding and assemble the thing!

Left side sanded, right side not sanded

20130728_133402 Sanding progress20130728_133349

Must be protected for sanding!20130728_133322  My new drill20130727_203457  After cleaning, much better20130722_090551  During cleaning – vinegar to kill mould then scrubbed with soap and water20130719_144622 See you next time!


4 responses to “New year, new garden journey!

  1. Looking good Jenn. Here is some ideas for alternatives to grass. I strongly suggest we plants some of these, mostly because I will be the one to mow the lawn

    • A complete stranger (that you don't know)

      What ground covers instead of grass? My lord, Pie Man, what a brilliant idea. Jenn I totally agree with this gentlemans idea. I look forward to seeing what ground cover you choose for your backyard.

  2. “Meow meow meeeeooooooow” *Nods head approvingly for the idea of ground covers*

  3. Another stranger (that you also do not know)

    Ground covers instead of grass?!? MIND BLOWN!!!

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