About time!

Finally Summer seems to be around the corner! It was 27 degrees today and Tim, Jess and I decided to check out our garden of plenty. We had TONS of broad beans, the spinach was ready to harvest and while we thought the potato had simply died off it had actually died off AND produced potatoes!

last time i visited

this time… Broad beans above, potatoes below

Working bee

Broad beans!!

Broccoli, a little bit moth-caterpillar eaten but now it’s been sprayed with pyrethrum it should be ok

Potato digging (forgot our trowels)


Jess planted the potatoes and then dug them up!


and this is what it all became! mmmm delicious

in other garden news…

we did PH testing of the garden of plenty which was exciting but didn’t actually  yield unusual results. the soil was PH6 which is pretty neutral

i also harvested the carrots i grew in a tub and while there were some odd looking ones they were pretty tasty!

Carrot harvest – they got as big as a spoon!

the fig tree is looking great and loving the hot weather

the sage loves its new pot

the lavender is in full bloom

the dill managed to grow back after almost completely dying off

same with the mint