Things are warming up!

Well they feel like they are anyway. Our little backyard feels about 20 degrees this morning although in reality its only about 14 still. But not long until Spring officially arrives! In preparation, I decided to spend the Bunnings voucher my housemate Jess and her boyfriend Mark got me for my birthday this year. We got:

  • zucchini seeds
  • a tomato plant
  • Miracle Gro all purpose fertiliser
  • a mini green-house for propagating seeds
  • new trowels including a thin trowel with measuring marks for planting seeds
  • potting mix
  • a new 18cm plastic pot to replant the chili plant into

I have written about fertiliser before and specially chose the Miracle Gro all purpose fertiliser over the specialist vegetable and tomato fertiliser because the all purpose one has an NPK of 15: 13.1: 12.4. It also contains a range of essential trace elements. The vege/tomato one, while enriched with calcium, had a NPK of 15: 2.2: 9.0. As I wanted to specifically boost our potatoes, I wanted a higher phosphorous rating. This fertiliser  can be used by itself or as an additional boost where we have used osmocote (which is most of our plants)

I decided it was time that the celery came up, since it wasn’t producing anything but leaves and tiny stick thin celery shoots. I may try celery again later with more fertiliser but for now I needed the big green pot, which previously housed my tomato plant, to replant my sage. I read somewhere that sage only last two to three years, but I don’t know how true that is. The sage was seriously root bound and I decided that even if it was true it probably had a year at least left since I planted it and it deserved a little root space!

re-potted sage

We (Jess was helping) re-potted the chili into the new pot – one size bigger and with new potting mix, as it had been in the old pot for over a year and I was worried the soil was lacking in nutrients.

We then spaced out the parsley plants into where the sage had been, and took a cutting from the old sage plant, dipped it in root hormone, and planted it back in with the parsley. We also found a baby sage plant growing at the base of the old one and replanted that with the cutting.

Parsley, sage… rosemary is in another container and I don’t have thyme!

Here are some more update pics

Tom tom (or steve steve as tim has named it)


The lavender is starting to flower

Our new garden shed – a re-purposed, up-cycled wardrobe that Tim found on hard rubbish day!

New wardrobe/garden shed


The finished garden

So now I just have to plant my beetroot and zucchini seeds for propagation in my new mini greenhouse, and check up on the garden of Plenty

That’s all for now!

x Jenn


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