Before and After

Its almost spring! It was 21 degrees today…. and as I was home sick I actually got to enjoy it! I also used the spare time to take pictures of my little back garden so I could show you how much things have grown over winter…

Parsley in May – just sprouting

Parsley in August – well grown!


Baby carrots sprouting in May


Leafy carrots in August!

Baby silverbeet

Three very grown up silverbeet. The other little ones are in Karl and Tim’s garden

Now the other things in the garden aren’t looking so happy though, they need planting out I think = the sage and the chili


but on the other hand, the Fig tree looks like it’s ready to sprout some leaves!

Garlic is looking good too but I think still has a while to go


I think now its starting to warm up I might pull up the celery which is really just all leaves and plant some beetroot… and Im also thinking I might do zucchini this year too.

I am going to check on the Garden of Plenty next weekend and see how its going. Hopefully the colder days we have had recently haven’t affected it too much!

Jenn xx


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