Winter vege updates

I realised it had been a while since I had checked on the Garden of Plenty (my name for the garden beds we are borrowing from our friends Karl and Mike). So today Jess and I wandered over to the boys’ place to do a bit of digging. I had recently purchased some silverbeet from the famer’s markets (see last post) and some broccoli too.  We decided to do some weeding and plant these out into the garden when we checked on the other plants.

The good news is the broad beans are up and away!


More beans

The onions have just sprouted


But the potatoes have not come up at all and the spinach has not taken at all

Taters (or lack thereof)

Struggling spinach

So here is the results of our digging but first a reminder of what it looked like before

Last time

This time

Bet you didn’t even see that other garden bed there in front of the rhubarb!!

Both garden beds

Today’s work

So we have five new silverbeet plants on the left, five garlic on the left up the back, five (I think) broccoli up the back on the right and then I planted four more broadbean plants on the right. Fairly spaced out I know but will see how these go. I have carrots and beetroot seeds for spring and will put them in this bed too.

In other news I visited my friend Julia today whose garden is amazing! Lucky for her, the people who lived in the house last basically scattered seeds throughout the garden and nature has worked its magic! She has LOTS of silverbeet/kale/lettuce type varieties, brussel sprouts, comfrey, marigold, chili, eggplant looking things and some other stuff that I can’t remember…

Julia’s garden

And the cafe I had lunch at today had it’s own vege garden too! Pomona cafe on Murray Road, Preston. Great food and coffee there too

MMM pomona cafe vege garden

Oh and the cats have been doing some gardening too back at our place!! Selphie is on the hunt for ants in the Sage bush (which really needs re-potting) while Pinot supervises

Gardening kitties

Selphie doing some weeding amongst the sage and parsley (grown from seed!)

Attacking ants… paw ready!

That’s all for now, night xx


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