Plenty of Noise

Apparently that is the name our friends Karl, Mike and Paul have named their flat up the road (on Plenty Road). They are lending me their vege beds as alluded to in the last post. I’m pretty sure the plants won’t mind the noise.

The lovely Mike (left) and also lovely Karl (right). (Paul not pictured.)

As I mentioned earlier today we were going to prep the garden beds and see what we could plant, but we waited a little late to get started and it was getting dark… Jess and I managed to plant some garlic bulbs, dill and parsley seeds in what looked like an old concrete washing tub (a friend who lives a few suburbs down actually still has one just like this in her laundry) and we have placed some cardboard over the garden bed to try and kill off some of the weeds. We will go back next weekend to prep the soil properly and I will probably bring some straw with me next time as the weeds were out of control!!

Garlic on the left, dill and parsley on the right

Dodgy looking garden beds with cardboard experiment to kill the weeds naturally

Note the HUGE rhubarb plant thriving in the top corner there. I’m really looking forward to next weekend when we can get some more work done!


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