Autumn is here!

So Autumn is typically not a time for planting. My gardening books tell me you can plant cabbage and garlic, but its mainly a time for harvesting stuff you grew in spring and summer, and preparing the soil for next spring.

The leaves are starting to turn red on our street

However, Yates seeds promises me that “all season carrots” can be grown all year…

so I pulled up the last of the purple beans in one pot to plant some autumn carrots

first bean harvest

second late purple bean harvest

last lot of the late bean harvest frozen and waiting to be eaten!

So the carrots have been planted and next I planted some italian parsley as the last lot went to seed and had no useful leaves, given it is a biennial plant and it had reached its second year. I have also planted some silverbeet although not sure how it will cope. supposed to plant up until March and so I am a but late. However, it is still reasonably warm (Friday was 30 degrees! Today is about 18 degrees and it is supposed to be in the early 20s all week) so will see how we go.

I also had a check of the front yard to see how the plants the landlord planted were coping… lets just say not well. There does not appear to be very good drainage or sun in the front yard and quite frankly I dont know what to do about it. The dutch box hedge the landlord planted has really struggled to stay alive…

and on closer inspection I discovered our water connection has been leaking… who knows how long for! might explain our high water bill this quarter

and its leaving quite a soggy mess in the garden too.

Well now I have some free time waiting for my seeds to grow I thought I would start another project of the indoor kind…

and now I think its time for a cuppa tea!


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