Happy new year! (chinese and roman)

It’s been a little while since I last posted, and I apologise. But I have been too busy having holidays, working and spending time outdoors to be on the computer updating the blog!

So what’s new? BEANS! While Tim and I were on holiday in New Zealand over Christmas, I got a text message from my housemate Jess with a picture of our very first bean. When I got home, we had a number of beans ready to harvest and many more on the way. It’s now the end of January and we have almost got enough beans for a meal!

ha well it has been pretty hot and yes, the whitefly infestation is still with us. I used the home made soap spray on them which seemed to work temporarily, but dried the leaves out to no end. So I went and bought some Yates white fly spray and applied two days in a row but nothing happened. The whitefly simply move to the new leaves and somehow escape.

Here are some bean update pics:

Can you see the little beans there?

The butter beans have won the race in growing beans the fastest, the green beans not far behind, and the purple beans are only just starting to flower and sprout beans this week – they were the most affected by the whitefly so that could be connected.

Its 34 degrees and the plants a really unhappy but I will water them deeply tonight and hopefully they will survive tomorrow which is also going to be 34 degrees!

Planted some basil seeds recently and they have come up really strong and fast (although after I took this picture I thinned these plants out so that I could get a few larger plants and they didn’t get over crowded)

I also bought an Easy Yo yoghurt maker which I am VERY excited about and a sprout grower:

And finally, a chili update for M and C – when I got home the chili had finally ripened!

and today this is how many we have:

lots of the leaves have dropped off though in the heat

well that’s all for now, bye!


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