Beans, beans, good for the heart!!

So on 13 November I posted about how I had planted some yellow butter beans (cherokee wax), purple climbing bean (purple king) and green dwarf bean (snap bean). Its been exactly two weeks and I thought I would give you an update on how quickly they have come up!!

Beans Before - Day One! (13 Nov 2011)

Beans Trough Before - Day One (13 Nov 2011)

First Growth! 19 Nov 2011

First Growth, 19 Nov 2011

Beans, After - Pretty much all have come up! 26 Nov 2011

What you can see from the pic is that even though I planted them 10 cm apart, some seem to have moved in the soil! Bizzare. Also, some of the ones in the grey trough were eaten by bids as they were coming up so I think we may have lost three or four plants. Still have a good range and all the pink tub beans look very happy!

You can see the bean eaten by birds behind the tall one

Happy Bean Plants - 16 Nov 2011

Moving on to other types of beans… I thought I would stop spending stupid amounts of money on alfalfa sprouts at the supermarket and grow my own. This is actually a very satisfying project- the beans sprout in a matter of days (you just need to rinse them with warm water in the morning and at night and drain) and you get to eat them within a week! YUM!

Alfalfas day 1 - 13 Nov 2011

Alfalfa day one - just cover the seeds with warm water for the first night

Alfalfas day three - 15 Nov 2011 - rinse and drain morning and nightAlfalfa day 3 - 15 Nov 2011

Alfalfa day 5 - almost there! 17 Nov 2011

Alfalfa day 5 - DONE!

And all this from just one dessert spoon of the alfalfa seeds.