Late October update

home grown salad - lettuce, rocket, mint

Yes yes, I know it is November! But I have been meaning to post these for a while!

I am watching Better Homes and Gardens TV show and it reminded me that I haven’t posted anything in a while. This is my October update…

I recently noticed new growth in my strawberry plant! My housemate Jess bought me this for Christmas last year and it struggled through last summer (which was sooo cold it didn’t give us any fruit), battled through winter, and now seems to think that spring is a good time to get growing!

New growth in the strawberry plant!

Can you see there is also a little strawberry poking it’s head out?

Nom nom strawberry

Speaking of edible things… the lettuce and rocket have been going really strong this October! I got many salads out of them… one of them is right at the top of the post.

Tim really wanted me to show you our new friends – will definitely be keeping an eye out for ant-repellant ideas soon when the weather gets warmer! seems like they are living under the deck at the moment.

new friends

Here are some more plant updates:

the rocket has really taken off!


sage is doing really well too

the mint is really lush

the celery is starting to outgrow the pot!

So this was October… soon will post the November pictures. Needless to say I have been a bit busy, and while I have been watering the plants I have not been on top of the pests and something has gotten into the mint and ravaged it! Not happy. And the rocket is getting a little out of control too.

So, this weekend I plan to re pot the celery, figure out what is eating the mint (that is not me) and maybe get some new plants – I think its the right time for tomatoes so should really get onto that!

What are you planting at the moment or having success with?

xx Jenn


One response to “Late October update

  1. Green caterpillars on the mint for sure! My got destroyed by one happy fat caterpillar last year! look for it and pick it off. And watch out for birds – they eat lovely red strawberries before you can! you may need netting. Although i found the ate mine through my netting.. As for ants, i have to reccomend the chemical method again – you can buy a gel, squeeze a little into something and leave it out near the ants. they come and take some which they take back to the nest and soon.. no ants anymore! Watch for ants on your herbs, and fruit plants.. they harvest aphid nectar and and a real pain in the bum! if you see aphid or white fly get rid as soon as possible as they are a nightmate!

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