Picture perfect

My backyard with various vege tubs so far, plus Tim 🙂

Here are the promised update pictures of my plants taken last week. might take some more today, as the celery is growing really well and need to repot already! have three celery in one tub and they are too big. I will also post an update on the slugs and snails problems

mint by night

more mint by night

Rocket at night

Now you may be wondering why all these pics are “at night”… that is because I did a midnight visit to the garden to check on how the slug repellant was working (the egg shells and the coffee grinds). This is what I found…

Slug on the go... almost at the eggshells!

This slug seemed to be on his way home...


and when I looked back at the other one... it was turning around and heading home too!!

So yes, eggshells do really seem to work!! Here is the proof!


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