Kids these days!

This is not so much garden related but a post to vent about my supermarket shopping experience tonight. I went into Woolies Preston to buy veges for tea and I had to tell the checkout operator (a boy about 14 I would guess) not once, not twice, but THREE times what various vegetables were. And I wasn’t buying Kohlrabi or Okra. It was…. cabbage… broad beans… and zucchini. I had to tell him which kind of beans the broad beans were. He then entered cabbage in as cauliflower – could have been a mistake, but then entered the zucchini in  as lebanese cucumber. Close but no cigar, buddy.

What are they teaching kids these days in school about veges huh??


One response to “Kids these days!

  1. Why blame schools? Parents. What are they feeding the kids? Why aren’t the kids helping to prepare the food? The problem starts at home. No cigars for you either buddy.

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