Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails…

So this is my rocket and mint…. got the mint from ikea!! and the rocket from Bunnings in Preston. Pot for the mint was from ikea as well, supposed to be one of those self watering pots but the funnel/false bottom (for keeping the plants watered) has been useless IMHO! the rocket is planted in a $2 shop plastic punch bowl (bought at the Flemington shops in the mall). Potting mix was herb/vege potting mix on special from Bunnings in Preston, not sure of the brand though. Don’t think it was the organic one as I was looking at price. This is truly plants on a budget!!

I will post current pics this weekend of the garden so you can see how big these have gotten in the past month, plus pics of my other plants so far. This way I can share and journal how they are growing at the same time! Multi-tasking – Love it.

My biggest issue at the moment is SLUGS and SNAILS!!! My rocket is pretty darn tasty and the little critters are LOVING their dusk snacking on my rocket. I asked around and the options I found was this:

  • egg shells – cooked eggs/dried out/ground up and scattered on soil around base of plants – apparently they don’t like to crawl over the sharp shells
  • also suggested to go on the soil for the same reasons – wood ash from a fire, coffee grounds (apparently has good nutrients for soil too)
  • 50=50 vinegar water mix, sprayed on the leaves – makes leaves taste bad
  • garlic spray – garlic in water soaked for a few days to distill then sprayed on leaves – same as above
  • other spray variations – chilli, soap, onion, or a combination
  • vasoline/petroleum jelly spread around the rim – slugs/snails can’t attach themselves to the pot
  • make a collar for the pot that is wide enough so that the slug/snail cannot get into the pot
  • salt on the ground at the base of the tub –
  • beer in a saucer/shallow tray to lure snails/slugs in who then drown in the tasty liquid
  • beer in a secret hidden container buried into the soil nearby with holes for snails/slugs to crawl into and then get trapped/drown
  • companion planting
So I already have companion planting down for now – I have mint, lavendar and sage planted near/with my lettuce and rocket. The sage seems to be doing a good job but not so sure about the mint (although the only problem the mint is having is growing too fast! Plus a bit of whitefly easily controlled with soap spray from yates).
So I tried the vinegar option as it seemed the easiest,  and this is what happened:
I have since read that vinegar is a very good WEED killer!! So yep – cross that one off the list and DO NOT use it except on very hardy plants. I did spray my azalea and celery and lettuce too and they didn’t seem to have the same problem. The thinner leaved lettuce wasn’t too happy but there wasn’t the same amount of damage. Azaleas apparently love vinegar and acidic soil though.
So I have now moved to the egg shell and coffee grinds method -thanks to my breakfast on the weekend. Had the shells/grounds in for about 4 days and noticed no snails but still a few slugs which I picked off.
Now I am going to try the petroleum jelly option to try and stop the slugs even getting up the side of the pots! and the beer option too once I get around to getting the beer.
In other news, everyone should go out and make Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Baby Cakes  – SO easy to make and actually looked exactly like the picture on the website!
Bye for now!

4 responses to “Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails…

  1. have you got holes in the bottom of the pink tub so it doesn’t get waterlogged? ..or maybe that is never going to be a problem in melbs.

  2. Rocket is looking (and tasting) awesome! I stole some for my lunch today….

  3. Have just put in my rocket, spinach and boc choi. covered everything with good old common slug and snail pellets and can report that the 4 neighborhood cats that seem to live at our place (especially since Steve got a new lazer pointer cat toy) completely ignore the pellets. It has a bitter flavour in it to repel them if they do take a sniff. So if you get desperate do give it a try. So far – no slugs or snails and nicely growing plants 🙂

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